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All Stallholders must meet with the Stall Hire Terms and Conditions (set out below).
The decision of which Stallholders will be included in the Secret Garden 2019 remains at the sole discretion of Verandah Productions Pty Ltd.

1.1 Stallholders must comply with the following guidelines:

1.1.1 Stalls must offer goods, foods or services that are outlined in this document. If you wish to provide any other goods, you must notify Verandah Productions Pty Ltd or nominated representative ASAP and be granted prior approval.

1.1.2 No stallholders are permitted which conflict with official sponsors, events or event partners of the Verandah Productions Pty Ltd.

1.2 The decision of which stallholders will be included in the Secret Garden 2019 remains at the sole discretion of Verandah Productions Pty Ltd and no correspondence will be entered into.

1.3 Any changes to the stallholder or merchandise offered must be agreed to by Verandah Productions Pty Ltd, no later than 10 February 2019. No changes to the stall or its products are permitted on the day of the event. Any changes on the day of the event may result in refusal to participate.

2.1 Stall operating hours depend on the stall location. Each stall holder will be given their trading hours individually

2.1.1 In addition stall holders will be given bump in and estimated pack down/departure times depending on the stall location. It is imperative that these are adhered to for smooth operations.

2.2 Stallholders who fail arrive at or before the scheduled bump in time, will be deemed to have relinquished the use of the site. Such sites will be reallocated to another user without refund at the discretion of the stallholder management.

2.3 Stallholders must set up entirely within the confines of the stall site and must not move from the allocated site. No materials, display items, waste materials or objects owned by the stallholder are to be placed outside the confines of the stall.

2.4 Stallholders agree that the stallholder management are not responsible for cancellation of the event due to bad weather on the scheduled date and that hiring fees are not refundable.

2.5 Stallholders shall be responsible for any damage to the stall, furniture, flooring and lighting.

2.6 Dangerous or harmful merchandise including silly string and toy weapons are banned. Any stallholder not complying with this condition will be removed from the event.

2.7 Microphones and sound amplification are not permitted at the event unless specified by the management team prior to the event.

2.8 Stallholders are required to keep their sites clean at all times and must remove all waste from the grounds. Failure to clear rubbish, oils & fats, food scraps and any other waste from their site will result in a $500 penalty at the discretion of the stallholder management. Stallholders are responsible for any additional cleaning charges incurred. Stallholders must not use the public place waste stations and must remove all waste from the grounds.

3.1 The site license fee will be a set fee of $500 ex GST plus a percentage (10%) of gross revenue generated by the operation of the site during the event period unless previously negotiated with the promoter.

4.1 Unless specified on the stallholder application form, no electricity will be supplied by the stallholder management.

4.2 All electrical appliances and gas cooking equipment used in the stalls must have a current tag showing it has been tested by qualified electricians or plumbers. Verandah Productions Pty Ltd will check all equipment used in the stalls prior to the event to ensure compliance. Stallholders will be responsible for a $30 fee for testing and tagging any untagged equipment to be paid in cash on the day, if available. Any equipment which is deemed unsafe will not be allowed to be used.

4.3 Power will be supplied to the stall only. Stallholders are responsible for providing their own internal power cords and power distribution. All cords and distribution boards must be tested and tagged.

5.1 Stallholders must have their own current Public Liability Insurance for no less than $AU20 million.

5.2 Stall holders must submit a copy of current Workers Compensation insurance or a letter stating why there is an exemption.

5.3 Stallholders agree to comply with any reasonable request by Verandah Productions Pty Ltd representatives or other persons authorised by the stallholder management.

5.4 Stallholders are responsible under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 and it’s regulations to ensure the health, safety and well being of all who come in contact with their stall site.

5.5 Stallholders understand that they participate in the event at their own risk. Stallholders take full responsibility for any injuries or damages involving them that may occur during the event. Stallholders release the stallholder management and its representatives, Verandah Productions Pty Ltd and all other agents involved, from any claims, rights of action or cause of action.

5.6 Stallholders must comply with all relevant laws, Australian standards, regulations and guidelines that are applicable to the event including Occupational Health and Safety legislation and food health requirements.

5.7 Verandah Productions Pty Ltd and the stallholder management accept no responsibility for any damage or injury to any stallholder’s personnel, equipment or property before, during or after the event.

5.8 Stallholders are responsible for the safety of staff, crew, suppliers, other agents involved and members of the public at the event.

5.9 Participation in any part of the Secret Garden 2019 is subject to the following conditions:

5.9.1 Stallholders are responsible for their own personal security and property;

5.9.2 Stallholders are responsible for any injury or damage to person or property that occurs during the Secret Garden 2019 which arises from the stallholder’s own fault, act or omission; and

5.9.3 Stallholders release the stallholder management, Verandah Productions Pty Ltd and any other agents involved, from any claims, actions or losses arising from the stallholder’s own fault, act or omission during participation of Secret Garden 2019

5.10 It is a condition of participation in the Secret Garden 2019 that all terms & conditions are accepted without reservation. The stallholder management, Verandah Productions Pty Ltd reserve the right to refuse participation in the Secret Garden 2019 , at any time if any terms and conditions are not adhered to.

5.11 All cooking area must have CO² extinguishers (on stands and signed), tagged and tested in accordance with Australian standards.

5.12 Fire blankets must be provided in all kitchen areas.

6.1 Stallholders will be provided with a 30 minute scheduled time to bring their vehicle onto the site for loading. Specific times are allocated; please refer to bump in schedule. All stallholders must provide details of all vehicles, including vehicle registration, to the stallholder management by no later than 3rd February 2019

6.2 All personnel bumping in and bumping in must wear fully enclosed shoes and high visibility vest.

6.3 All vehicles must be escorted on and off site.

6.4 Vehicles will only be allowed entry onto site if registration details have been received and vehicles are escorted.

6.5 Any vehicle parking without permission will be fined and towed at the owner’s expense.

6.6 All stallholders must present their tickets that were sent to them (hardcopy or electronic) on arrival.

6.7 Once accredited stallholders must kepe their accreditation on them at all times during the duration of the event (wristband or lanyard)

7.1 If any strike, act of god, inclement weather, or any other event beyond the reasonable control, which prevents the vendor from occupying the site for the license period in full or in part, then is will be at the risk of the vendor. Verandah Productions Pty Ltd will not be obliged to refund any part of the site license fee or food license fee to the vendor.

8.1 Food stallholders are required to comply with the health requirements for the operation of a temporary food stall. Health officers and Verandah Productions Pty Ltd will inspect all food stalls. Compliance with the requirements for the operation of a temporary food stall is the sole responsibility of the food stallholder. Failure to comply with the requirements for the operation of a temporary food stall may result in the food stallholder being fined and closed down.

8.2 Verandah Productions Pty Ltd will provide the following items to food stallholders to ensure compliance with the requirements for the operation of a temporary food stall.

8.2.1 A waste management area on site with facilities for the disposal of landfill, recycling, compost, waste oil and water. Sufficient waste stations throughout the site for disposal of waste by the public. Taps at fresh water tanks. Stalls will not be plumbed in Stalls need to provide their own safe way of transferring water from fresh water point to the stall. Fresh water supply is limited, please use this water responsibly and let festival staff know if it’s running low. Fresh water points are not available for breakfast caterers. Breakfast caterers are required to supply their own fresh water.

8.3 Food stallholders are responsible for the following items to ensure compliance with the requirements for the operation of a temporary food stall.

8.3.1 Stall requirements Food stallholders must comply with the provisions and regulations of the Food Act 2003. Food stallholders are to provide compostable containers and utensils only for food service to customers. Food stallholders are required to supply a smooth, durable and impervious cover such as plastic or vinyl sheeting for all food preparation surfaces. Food stallholders will not be allowed to operate without coverings which can be easily cleaned. All power and gas service leads must be secured. All electrical equipment and cords must carry a current tag to certify that it has been tested by an electrician and meets safety requirements. All gas equipment must be checked and tagged by a plumber.

8.3.2 Cooking equipment

8.3.3 All food stallholders must provide their own fire extinguisher and fire blanket. Heating and cooking equipment must be located within the food stall. The equipment must be located so that the public are protected from hot appliances. Appliances that produce heat and flame must be located away from the walls and lower roof area of the stall. A perspex or glass sneeze guard must be used by any food stallholders performing open cooking on stall tables to protect the public from burns, spillages, and food contamination. All barbecues must be provided with a drip tray to collect all residues and must be elevated to prevent damage to any grassed areas. All drip trays and barbecues must be cleared of excess fat and oil regularly. Open flame barbecue cooking plates, char grills and cookers that use hot coals can be located externally and adjacent to the food stall subject to approval from Verandah Productions Pty Ltd. External cooking facilities must be provided with the following items at the food stallholder’s expense:

  • Barricading to prevent public access;
  • Overhead cover; and
  • An impermeable membrane underneath to protect the ground surface.

8.3.4 Protection of food All food on display must be:

  • Wrapped or packaged or;
  • Completely enclosed in a suitable display cabinet or by plastic siding to the stall or;
  • Located so as not to be openly accessible to the public. All food must be stored inside the stall and raised approximately 750mm above the ground. All food must be kept wrapped, packaged or enclosed in covered or sealed containers. Food should be protected from damage and direct sunlight. Any food given away as “samples” must be distributed off a tray or plate by a staff member. It must not be left out for self-service on any counter, bench or top of food display unit. (please note that food which is given away for the furtherance of trade is deemed to have been sold pursuant to Food Act 2003 definitions). All food deliveries to the stall must be kept wrapped, packaged or in enclosed containers to protect from contamination. Single use eating and drinking utensils shall be adequately protected from contamination. No drinking straws or coffee cup lids are permitted. All condiments such as sauce, mustard etc. Must be kept in squeeze type dispensers. No individual sealed packets are permitted. Smoking is not permitted inside or at the rear of a food stall.

8.3.5 Waste disposal The stallholder is to provide a waste bins for the stall’s wastes and remove all waste at the from the grounds. Suitable waste stations will be provided by the site for the public to dispose of used takeaway food containers, drink containers and other waste. Waste water generated within the stall is to be delivered to the waste management area in the suitable sealed containers. Waste water must not be disposed of into the storm water system. Fines can be imposed by council’s officers for incorrect disposal of liquid waste. All vendors must organise the removal of bread crates / milk crates from the grounds.

8.3.6 Washing facilities Separate hand-washing facilities must be provided within the food stall. Water is to be dispensed by tap into a hand bowl for washing; the waste water is to be disposed of into a waste water container. An adequate supply of cold water, liquid soap and disposable paper towels must be provided at each food stall. No common or community hand washing water will be permitted. A supply of hot water will assist in properly cleaning hands. Alcohol type hand cleansers may be permitted in special circumstances.

8.3.7 Food temperature control All hot food must be kept above 60°C. All cold food must be kept below 5°C. All frozen food must be kept below (minus) – 18°C. All takeaway food prepared at the food stall must be sold immediately unless there is a suitable food warmer or display cabinet in which to keep the food either hot or cold. All raw and perishable foods such as steaks, hamburger patties, seafood and other meat products must be kept in the portable cool room to be provided by the vendor. Small amounts of these foods can be stored in a portable cooler together with an adequate supply of ice or other cooling medium. Pre-prepared food products or pre-cooked foods which contain fresh cream, custard, cheese or any similar food that promotes bacterial growth must be stored and displayed in a refrigerated unit at a temperature below 5°C. It is the responsibility of the individual food stallholder to provide all cooling and heating equipment required to comply with the requirements for the operation of a temporary food stall.